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Free People Strappy Back Bras!!

These cute bras fly out of the store every time we get them in.  Well, head over to this link to get yours in red or white while they last!Get Yours

Cute ‘n Fun ‘n ON THE GO!

Let’s face it, there are more days than I’d like to admit where I have found myself in bed or around the house lounging and watching Netflix. I’m in college, what do you expect? (Funny how ‘college’ itself is an excuse for lazy habits and the Nike shorts/oversized t-shirt combo.) But what girl doesn’t like to dress up every once in a while? 

Ban.do Everything Bag

This gorgeous “Everything Bag” in the perfect silver metallic is sure to brighten up your outfit & your day!


We ♥ Wildfox!  This cute tee is no exception!

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The Devil is in the


Embroidered pieces from Johnny Was set the Fall trend of deep, luxe colors and bold designs.  We love the colors for Fall’s Johnny Was Collection!