Fall Trends : Embroidery

It’s art really though, isn’t it?  Stitches upon stitches decorating heirlooms like tapestries and pillowcases passed from generation to generation.  Sometimes, if you are in the right place at the right time you might find antique embroidery linens tucked away in shop corner.

The days of hand stitching fabric are sadly approaching their end, lucky for us embroidery is very much alive.

Thankfully, because modern sewing machines are now sophisticated enough to basically run themselves, the design possibilities are endless.

This Fall, among the trends is in details and embroidery will lead the way showing up in just about every category from boots to dresses.

One of the biggest names in embroidery is Johnny Was.  The tops, dresses, scarves and bottoms delivered by this cult favorite brand never fail to impress even the most discerning eye.  The quality of Johnny Was’ pieces allow them to set their prices anywhere from $130 to well over a thousand dollars for limited frocks.  And, they are worth every damn penny.

My own collection spans nearly a decade, and even well worn pieces have been tucked away to be eventually transformed into treasured blankets.  These blankets will tell the story of my retail journey with my shop that bears my name.  Once the beloved tops, and silk pants are cut and stitched together becoming a scrapbook of sorts it will be loving used for the rest of my life.

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