These candles are a little Salty…

I’ve been following Evil Queen on Instagram for a while now, and waiting for the perfect time to order her candle line.

Honestly, I don’t know what took me so long.  Obviously we are going to sell out immediately.

(Update : They are here! Follow link below to shop the collection!)

shop Our evil QuEEn candles here

Here they are, in no particular order.

Exhale the Bullshit

We all know what I’m talking about here, don’t we?  Here we are trying to go about our day, and one of those people just have to mess it all up.  Those people should have to be on some kind of list, or wear a badge so that we know what we are up against.  

Until then: there’s this delightful candle to get us back on track.   And, if burning it doesn’t help you can always throw it at them.  


Calm Down

When everyone is being a f*cking idiot and you need something to calm you down… insert Calm Down candle. Guaranteed to make at least one problem go away. Maybe.

S C E N T S  :

A calming blend of lemongrass, patchouli, and green tea. With a tiny hint of lavender. Sweet, but not overwhelming. Enough to relax you after a long day.

It’s Your B-Day!

This one is your new go to gift for everyone.  Seriously.  I mean, if it’s a REALLY good friend you might want to throw in a gift card to everyone’s favorite boutique (B. Ellen, duh) because she does know where the all bodies are buried and has unflattering photos of you that you don’t want to be tagged in.  Here’s the description from Evil Queen:

Holy shit, its your friend’s birthday and you finally realize how old everyone is getting. Cue the tears and buy them this candle.

S C E N T S  :

Think “fourth-grade birthday party”… but better. Sweeter. More cake, and definitely more frosting.

Basic Candle

Ah, the basic candle. For the basic bitch in your life.  Or for your friend Felicia who loves to be sassy. Either way.

S C E N T S  :

All the basic favorites: Vanilla. Pumpkin. Swag.

Seriously, we all just want to be basic once in a while.  After all it’s so dang hard being the Beyonce of our tribe ALL the time.

Bitches Who Brunch

Welcome to brunch without the whole commitment of “going out”. My favorite. Light this up when you’re spending a quiet Sunday to yourself or getting ready to go out with the gals. It’s so good you’ll never want to blow it out.

S C E N T S  :

The perfect blend of mandarins and champagne. Orange without the stereotypical “artificial orange” smell.

This one is going to be burning in my office all the damn time.

Boss Babe

So, you’re the boss. Just building your empire and killing the game. The candle speaks for itself, and so do you.

S C E N T S  :

Hints of bergamot and a slight cologne smell. Not too sweet, not too masculine, the perfect blend of smells that make you want to get out and do shit.

So, those are the first six scents that will be arriving soon.  I know you’re gonna love them.  I’ll post the links below so you can grab the ones you have to have before they hit the shop floor.  If you can’t wait post your holds in the comments below, or just say hi so I know people actually read this.

P.S. I see the hits, so I know ya’ll read these I just really like comments.

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